The Parisianer

Imaginary magazine covers, à la The New Yorker.

Illustrations: François Avril, Adrien Parlange, Amélie Falière, Gwendal Le Bec, Camille Besse, Julien Couty, Philippe Mignon, Quentin Vijoux, Virginie Morgand

I missed the exhibition last year but found the book this week, in an art shop. These few illustrations here are a selection of those I feel illustrate the best how I feel about Paris.



Duvall by John Moore type Foundry.

Duvall is a idealization created from the Edward J. Duvall lettering. Mr. Duvall was a teacher in lettering, who was well known for his book “Modern Sign Painting” in the late 40s and early 50s. 
Duvall cursive script is presented in five weights, Duvall 1, as a light version, to Duvall 5 as a bold version, and Duvall Style a decorative typeface with Inline, ideal for set in color layers combined with Duvall 5. Duvall is a Script font with low contrast, not intended to be used as a type of reading, but is however well adapted to small sizes because its simple form is easy to read. It is advisable to use this font for large to medium sizes. Duvall is ideal for composition, ordinal, superior and inferior numbers, and thanks to the OpenType features you can compose with alternate characters, old style numbers and with a complete set of glyphs for Eastern and Western European languages. The Duvall set comes with a font called Duvall Ribbons, a dingbats font with which you can create interesting headlines with the taste of the advertising of the 50s. Duvall FunWords is a dingbats playing with funny words in English, French and Spanish phrases.

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